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The talk is starting again. You know, the talk about the Minnesota Timberwolves trading Kevin Garnett. Two of the reasons the article gives to do this are compelling:

  1. Garnett’s contract, worth $126 million over six seasons and $22.4 million in 2001-02, virtually assures his team of being capped out and, therefore, unable to bid competitively for impact free agents. Because his deal is one of the few not limited by the collective bargaining agreement’s maximums, the 7-foot forward’s next contract — if he stays — figures to keep the Wolves in the same predicament for as long as he plays for them. (The CBA prevents Garnett from restructuring his deal to open cap room. The team cap for next season is estimated at $42 million.)
  2. This is the big one. Garnett made the same amount last season ($19.6 Million) as Kobe Bryant… and Tim Duncan combined ($10.1 Million & $9.6 Million respectfully). It’s tough to rationalize any player being worth that much. I have been consoling myself, however, with the thoughts that Garnet and the Timberwolves could restructure the deal to be more cap friendly at some point in the near future. It seems that the agreement, for some reason, doesn’t want this to happen. Forget the 5 lost draft picks, this little fact is what is really killing the Timberwolves future.

  3. Garnett already is halfway through his contract, and the Wolves still have not advanced past the first round of the playoffs. If they remain stuck there, and Garnett’s frustration grows, he might opt to leave after the 2003-04 season. Barring a sign-and-trade at that point, the Wolves would get nothing in return.
  4. Although I am less worried about this one, there is some thought that if Garnet cannot even restructure his deal to aid his team in getting some help, he will be forced to leave and the Wolves will get nothing in return. This would be a bad thing.

I think even with those points made. you still have to keep Kevin on the team. He is the team. His pressence on and off the court transends wins and losses. He is fun to wathc play, talk, grow, and have fun. You gotta keep him even if it hurts.

Plus who was it that had the best dunk of the year? His name isn’t Kobe, or Duncan, or even Vince…it’s Kevin. KG came in with 2 of the 10 best dunks of the year (including the top honors) as rated in Courtside Countdown’s by NBA Action.

It looks like poor Stephon Mebury has plenty of regrets about leaving Minnesota and sending the team into years of mediocrity just as its future looked brightest. Still want to force some trades, Stephon? It looks like you might not have a say in the next one.

So what are the Woofies to do? Here’s some ideas from little ol’ me:

Only because the Knicks reportedly want him do I feel we should sigh Joe Smith again for our mid-level salary cap extension (yeah I have learned a thing or two about the salary cap recently) and then immediately trade him to New York along with Terrell Brandon for Allan Houston (and some cash or a 2nd round pick?). Unless of course he has decided to remain a Knick.

The Wolves should actually save a little money in that deal and could still sign a veteran like Dale Davis if they can unload a bunch of dead weight (Anthony Peeler, Dean Garrett, Sam Mitchell, Andrae Patterson).

Finally, because of his idiotic deal with Joe Smith’s agent Glen Taylor should pony up and buy a draft pick or two for the $3 Million maximum price allowance. Perhaps he could get a mid-first rounder if he packaged the cash with one or all of the aforementioned dead weight. Then with that pick (or those picks) he could throw in some more cash, package them all up with the second rounders and try to get into the first 10 or so picks with hopes of getting a big man in the draft.

With any luck the team could look like this next year:

William Avery G
Chauncey Billups G
LaPhonso Ellis C-F
Allan Houston G
Antonio Davis C-F ***
Unknown Draft Pick C-F
Kevin Garnett F
Felipe Lopez G-F
Radoslav Nesterovic C
Reggie Slater F
Wally Szczerbiak G-F

*** I know this one is pretty wishful thinking.

Still haven’t had enough hopes, rumors, and predictions on the NBA? Inside Hoops has a great site for these types of rumors and information.

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