There seems to be a pattern forming

WAP is dead? Again?

“The Mobile Services Initiative (M-Services) aims to introduce an open software and hardware standard within mobile Internet in a bid to avoid the fiasco which surrounded the first attempt at mobile Internet, Wireless Application Protocol (WAP).” “GPRS, also known as 2.5G, offers always-on Internet access and is a stepping stone to third generation mobile services for which the infrastructure is still being developed.”

I don’t know if I like something being hailed as the new standard and a “stepping stone” in the same breath. This is the sort of thing that drives developers mad. Decide on something. Please.

[Reuters via Yahoo Daily News]

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You’ve heard the old saying that “it’s the little things in life…”? Well it is the little things in life…that drive me crazy. It’s the things that I don’t really think about as being a part of my life or even a part of my day but somehow they find their way in there and get in the way of other things that I would rather be doing. Some of these little things that muck up my life are things like: calling the phone company to check on our service outage, filling the car up with gas, dusting, getting a haircut, making dentist appointments, folding and hanging up clothes, etc. These things by themselves are but minutes out of a week, but cumulatively they equal a lot of wasted time. That’s why I have hired a man-servant to wash my car, pick up my prescriptions, and generally do my bidding.

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