An exhibition of sorts

Belle's Past Present and Future
A week or so ago, a graphic designer living in Seoul, who happened to stumble across Alt Text, sent me some drawings she had done. This is the first in the sequence of six drawings to be featured.

— — —

Today’s free-style writing* exhibit:

The sun is out today. I should be happy about that right? But, my wrist hurts, I am tired, and I am at work. All in all that’s not a whole lot to be happy with. Then I watch Requiem for A Dream and everything seems at once ok and fucked up. I am pretty lucky though; I can’t complain. Not today at least – well not for the next couple minutes anyways.

* I am thinking about trying some free writing that is done without editing my thoughts but rather just vomiting up words onto the page. In the future I will probably not post the less directed crap I try to stick to something with a point or at least a coherent message of some sort.

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